Proud of how the server architecture of and the code of Mastodon is keeping up with the load, but wishing for this to transform into new Mastodon servers springing up.

If you were considering starting a Mastodon server, right now would be a pretty good time. Anyone can do it from source, see docs:

There are also hosting providers (not affiliated with me) which are super easy to work with without technical knowledge, like and

☝️ If you started a new server for the Spanish community, let me know and I'll give you a shout out.

There's a few basic requirements for it to be listed on as well, such as having a backup admin ("bus factor" 😅) and having some basic rules against harassment, so if you pass those as well I'll gladly put your server on

Here those requirements are spelled out:

@Gargron Just have a question. Iran faced an internet blackout a few weeks ago and our internet became some sort of interanet. BTW, some of our servers had access to international internet. We started discussing about making a mastodon instance on one of those servers, and we had a big question mark in mind. Will it be connected with other instances? So we can spread the news about Iran in case of an internet blackout ...


@haghiri75 @Gargron if it has internet access still and local internet. Yes.

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Server run by Hyperion. It is not focused on any particular interest. Instance is aimed to be Highly Available.