Australia is currently on fire, for some scale so far, 14.6 million acres have burnt, the biggest ever season in California burnt 2 Million. The fires in the amazon have burnt about 7 million acres. The military has called in thousands of personnel to evac people off of beaches because there is no way to get away from the fire as most towns and communities are connected by 1-2 highways at best, most of which are burnt and very dangerous due to trees falling. Some images below.

:omegaLUL: custom emotes are just the best invention of the decade too be honest.

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Proud of how the server architecture of and the code of Mastodon is keeping up with the load, but wishing for this to transform into new Mastodon servers springing up.

If you were considering starting a Mastodon server, right now would be a pretty good time. Anyone can do it from source, see docs:

There are also hosting providers (not affiliated with me) which are super easy to work with without technical knowledge, like and

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